Friday, April 13, 2007

No more Mullet...

Ann Welch had her 4th hair cut today, I'm just NOT a fan of the "Mullet" hair do. It's short, but I love bobs on little girls. I just want to get it all one length and that is taking forever. Here is a before picture with the mullet and the after picture. Just excuse our brother's old PJ's.

The after pictures are of her with her baby doll "Lulu" watching Cedermont Kids. That is the only thing she will watch on TV. Nene gave her this baby doll and she LOVES it!
My sweet Ford is such a trooper!! He had 5, yes 5 teeth pulled this week. We are getting ready for braces in the next couple of years and he has overcrowding in his mouth. to the dentist we go for some extractions. He is the type where anticipation kills him and he was a little nervous. Who wouldn't be? I was going crazy in the waiting room thinking about him being back there. But, it literally took 30 minutes. He came down the hall, gauze's stuffed in his mouth, and said, "mom it didn't hurt at all". Well, now I LOVE Dr. Cumbus our dentist. Ford has done so well. I never gave him Motrin or Tylenol. Wow...just wow!! Here is the picture of the gaps, he is looking so old now.

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