Saturday, May 26, 2007

Memorial Day weekend at the lake...

We went to the Lake Martin today with Jon, Clancy, Mary Reagan, & Mr. & Mrs. Hilyer. The kids had a ball. Here is a picture of Cope jumping off the back of the boat. You can see a ton of sailboats in the background. The fires from Alabama and Georgia are causing the air to be slightly smokey, that's why it looks so hazy.

Jon is helping Copeland try on the skis. He really wants to learn so I think we are going to look for some kids skis and teach him.
I love his freckles!! He doesn't...
Mary Reagan
My boys riding in the boat...
Mrs. Hilyer and Ann Welch a the Marina

More freckle pictures of Cope
Ford giving me a sweet smile
Ann Welch eating ice, she loves it!!
Copeland swimming in the lake.

Ann Welch did well with her life jacket. I was really surprised, I thought she'd want to rip it off.

David and Ann Welch walking on the "beach".
Poor uncle Jon took the kids out to a rock to play on. The ground was very rough and Cope didn't have his Crocs so Jon had to carry him back. I'm sure that was fun~

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