Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Braves vs. Red Sox on a rainy day...

Tuesday we went to the Braves game in Atlanta. We left around 1:00 for a 7:35 game. It poured all the way there and we wondered if they would play. It stopped raining shortly before the game began. We went with David's law clerk and his wife and Ford's buddy Grayson and their family. Despite the one hour rain delay in the middle of the game, we had a blast. Ann Welch spent the night with mom and dad. We didn't get back to Montgomery until 2:00am. Wow, I'm tired!

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Six blue eyes said...

Found ya! I love looking at your photos! Looks like you guys were as high up as we were a few weeks back! :) I looked at Christine's blog too! I loved her 100 list...I've added you both to my favs!