Thursday, August 30, 2007

The paci has left the building folks...

Well last night we couldn't find a paci anywhere at bedtime. We told her it was lost. She was like...fine. She went to sleep with out crying and slept all night. Wow! Today she has asked for it a few times but I just told her it was lost and we don't have it anymore. She went down for nap perfectly but woke up after about 45 min. She wasn't asking for it, she just couldn't fall back asleep. So I just rocked her back to sleep and held her for and hour and a half which was fine by me!! It kind of makes me sad b/c she doesn't seem like a baby anymore.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Swimmin' with the sharks...our trip report!

Well we are back from the beach and we are worn out. Copeland came to my car from carpool line with really messy hair. He slept all of nap time today. I am just now up to posting pics, I really need to be doing laundry but we are out of detergent. You know how after you go on vacation you have NO groceries, etc, we are in that state. I'm going to the grocery tonight.

We ventured out of our comfort zone of Sandestin to try a new resort called Splash in Panama City. Known for the teen strip, we were a little worried about going there. A girl who hosted a party for me told me about this place. There was almost too much to do here. You couldn't do it all. My fav. anyway is to play on the beach. Everything about the resort was nice except the other people there. There were some family's like "us" (that sounds snotty, I'm sure) but most just rednecked (is that a word?) up the place. I've never seen so many people smoking on the beach... Someone stole Ford's new football that he bought with his own money and he was devastated! We watched them take it out from under our tent from the balcony. After all this, we really did have a great time with Jon, Clancy, Mary Reagan, Len, Christine, Will, Lisa, Payton, and Parker.

The water was beautiful. The sand bar was really close to shore so we felt really good about taking the kids out there. We dove for sand dollars, etc. I even took Ann Welch out there by myself when everyone else was at the pool. The first day a lady came by and told us that they were watching sharks from their 16th floor balcony. The realist that I am said, "are you sure they aren't dolphins"? I didn't believe her. Well the next day we had several other people tell us they were watching them swim all around the sand bar. This was after we spent two days in the water. I was kind of freaked out then. Oh well, we got lucky I guess...

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

More beach...

We are in for lunch and I thought I'd update b/c I need to empty my memory card. The weather today is just beautiful! We are enjoying our resort, there is so much to do. Ann Welch is napping right now and David and the boys are going up to the other condo to eat lunch. Here is another slide show...

Friday, August 24, 2007

We're at the Beach!!

Here we are at the Splash Resort! It is so fun! They have a lazy river(Edward would love it!), a splash park, a water park for kids, and we have the most awesome view of the beach. Tonight we are going to watch a movie from the pool. They call it the "dive in movie theater". We got in late last night, but the kids were still up at 6 (ugg) so I've been watching the Dolphins swim all morning. Last night we drove to Sandestin to eat at Poppys. The kids had a ball dancing to the band.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

High School Musical and our new polka dot boots!!

Here are a few pics of Ann Welch's new pink rain boots. We're a little obsessed with polka dots right now. She now wears these everywhere. I remember when the boys were little they used to wear theirs with shorts. We're just following the tradition.

If you can possibly make out the last picture then you are really doing well. It is my attempt to take a picture of the TV during High School Musical 2. I have already watched it twice and plan on watching it again tonight. This is really an embarrassing thing to blog...My kids love it, but not as much as me.

The third picture is of Ford (all nasty and sweaty after playing outside at a football game) holding Ann Welch. I had rocked her to sleep b/c she has Croup (not fun I tell you!) and he wanted to hold her before I put her down.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pride we spell it....J/K

Today my babies went back to school. On the way I told Ann Welch they were going and she said, "No ma'am mommy...home". She totally understands what is going on and misses them already. While I was getting the boys ready this morning, she emptied out a dozen eggs on the floor in my kitchen. She is NOT agreeing to this new morning routine! They boys were excited especially Copie who had his backpack ready two nights ago. He didn't even want me to walk him in his first morning. Boo Hoo...Ford will be in 2nd grade and Copeland is in Kindergarten. You can slow down the slide show below by clicking on the minus button...It's going kind of fast.

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Back to School...

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Squinting for mom...

This is just a Sunday morning "bribe" picture. It was too sunny and they are all squinty-eyed, oh still can't stop snapp'in.

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Downtown Tuscumbia is rock'in!

While in downtown Tuscumbia we lived it up riding a train, a roller coaster, and a merry go round. It was literally 100 degrees and a million percent humidity. We all thought we were going to die from the heat. Maybe I'm just getting too old...

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Ice Cream at the Palace...

While we enjoyed our trip to Tuscumbia, we devoured milkshakes and ice cream at neat little place downtown called the Palace. This is my Nene's favorite place to take everyone when we come to visit. It's very old fashioned and the kids love it!

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