Sunday, August 19, 2007

High School Musical and our new polka dot boots!!

Here are a few pics of Ann Welch's new pink rain boots. We're a little obsessed with polka dots right now. She now wears these everywhere. I remember when the boys were little they used to wear theirs with shorts. We're just following the tradition.

If you can possibly make out the last picture then you are really doing well. It is my attempt to take a picture of the TV during High School Musical 2. I have already watched it twice and plan on watching it again tonight. This is really an embarrassing thing to blog...My kids love it, but not as much as me.

The third picture is of Ford (all nasty and sweaty after playing outside at a football game) holding Ann Welch. I had rocked her to sleep b/c she has Croup (not fun I tell you!) and he wanted to hold her before I put her down.

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The Adcocks said...

I love her boots! Only you could find pink polka dot rain boots. She looks like such a girly girl, nothing like the tomboy you were! ha ha Do you remember your pink converse shoes and mc hammer pants? What are you going to do if Ann Welch wants to dress like you did. That makes me laugh just thinking about it. We are counting down the days for the beach! Will can't WAIT to see his cousins!!!!!

Leah said...

Love her boots! And I love HSM too! Carson won't even watch HSM2 with me, but I've watched it 3 times...I'm with you on the mom crush! ZE is too cute! What is he? Like 16??

BTW, I'd love to see those MC Hammer pants! HA HA!!

Robyn said...

Hey, Allison! CUTE pics all over your blog!!! I can't believe how big Anne Welch is . . . what a cutie!