Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pride we spell it....J/K

Today my babies went back to school. On the way I told Ann Welch they were going and she said, "No ma'am mommy...home". She totally understands what is going on and misses them already. While I was getting the boys ready this morning, she emptied out a dozen eggs on the floor in my kitchen. She is NOT agreeing to this new morning routine! They boys were excited especially Copie who had his backpack ready two nights ago. He didn't even want me to walk him in his first morning. Boo Hoo...Ford will be in 2nd grade and Copeland is in Kindergarten. You can slow down the slide show below by clicking on the minus button...It's going kind of fast.

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Leah said...

I hope they have an awesome day! Carson was a bit scared...I'm anxious to go pick him up!