Thursday, September 20, 2007

today's post is dedicated to sweet copie...

Do you have one of Copeland is my middle child, my compassionate one, my needy one, my mischievous one... get the picture?? Today, after school I found him in the bathroom with Ann Welch trying to give her (and himself) a Mohawk. He had the hairspray and was dipping the brush into the water and slicking their hair back.

This picture is where he decided to wrap my Clorox wipes around his head like a turban. NICE!!!!!!
I went to a Stationary Trunk Show tonight and when I came home Copeland was playing "Church". They LOVE to do this. They had all been bathed(wet hair definitely adds to the cuteness of this whole thing) and he had on David's tie and the seersucker suit that Ashley gave us. He was preach'in away. He told the whole story of Jonah and the big fish. Then he led "I will call upon the Lord". I love it when he gets to the part where HE sings..."and let the God of our Salvation be EXHAUSTED"! Through my children, THE LORD "LIVETH"!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Whadda ya do?

Okay, maybe I need to learn a few things about being a mom to a girl. Ann Welch's baby dolls had been getting dirty, so what did I do? I put them in the washing machine(keep in mind I have done this before and the outcome was good). These are nice Madame Alexander dolls. I know...I'm stupid. One of Ann Welch's dolls "Ruthie" had her arm amputated while in the wash. Seriously, it really makes me sick. Her great grandmother gave this doll to her. I've learned my lesson now.

On another note, if you have a toddler and you don't have the "No David" to your nearest book store to buy these. They are the BEST! You really have to add lib during the story, but that is what makes reading these so fun!

Here are a few pics of AW wearing a special necklace her Uncle Edward sent her. She loves it as you can see. It's from China, I believe. We are so excited Uncle Ed is coming home from Iraq! We miss him!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Today Faulkner University had it's first ever HOME football game. It was really hot and I am sunburned, but it was a blast. Someone estimated around 7,000 people were there. We came early to tailgate and they were having some special activities for the kids. They actually brought an Eagle from the Montgomery Zoo. Ann Welch had a few too many suckers today, but she is happy sitting in my dad's lap. What a great day! Now we are grilling steaks and watching the Alabama game. Football at this time of year never ends!!

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Ann Welch was seriously afraid of the Eagle Mascot! She freaked... The boys got tattoos and had their faces painted before the game. Ann Welch even got a tattoo on her hand. I was really worried about how she would do at the game, but she was the best one! Mary Reagan, Jewell, and Brack (our Hilyer cousins) were there with us too!

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Friday, September 14, 2007

We just can't have nice things...

Vent ahead:
Last week David dropped my laptop that I've had less than a year and the screen doesn't work. Just a few minutes ago I found Ann Welch at the bath tub submerging my NEW cell phone under the water. This is the third cell phone I've had this year. Then I found Ann Welch emptying the soil out of my plants in the Study. Can I just say AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGG! Thanks, I feel better now...well not really.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fall-ball! The Red Sox are in the house...

We had our first Fall baseball game this evening. Unfortunately it was called 1/2 way through due to lightning. Ford is playing first base and Copeland is playing Catcher and outfield. They are having a ball. David is the Coach and we know all the boys on the team. Most are from ACA. I wanted to post a few pics of them in their Red Sox uniforms, no action shots yet. Just 'scuse Ann Welch's hair in her eyes, trying to grow bangs out is a royal pain! There are more baseball pictures below...

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Ann Welch gets ready for Church...

Here are some more pics of the boys before their first Fall baseball game. The pic below is of Ann Welch with hot rollers in her hair. I was rolling my hair before Church(don't do that much...but that's another story) and she wanted to roll hers too! Love it...

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fall is bringing everything but cooler weather!!

I forgot to include a picture of my precious niece Mary Reagan from the beach! We love her!

We had our first ACA football game last Friday night. Bobby and Ashley came over for dinner before the game and we grilled out. Here is a picture of Emma and Ann Welch in their cheerleader outfits before the game. I hate using a flash b/c it really messes with the eyes in the picture, oh well... Saturday night we had
David's brother and sister and their families over for dinner and to watch the Auburn game. Did I get any pictures? NO! I can't seem to remember to whip my camera out at the most important times. Clancy, Missy and I were able to plan some of our Disney World trip we are taking in Nov. We can't wait to get back to Disney!!

Ann Welch started Preschool last week and I, of course, forgot to take a picture amidst the madness of trying to get 3 ready for school. She is only going one day a week. She likes it but I think she is missing her paci while she is there and she told me to go and "buy one". We've done pretty well with out the paci, we haven't gone back. She still asked for it sometimes. The boys are beginning Fall baseball and David is coaching again. They are both doing really well in school. We enjoyed our long Labor Day weekend! For those of you that know me well, I am a HUGE kids clothing horse. I am anxiously waiting for all of my trunk show clothes to come in for Fall. It's pretty pitiful, really. It's like Christmas for me when UPS shows up at my door. Somebody reel me in!! (David, just don't pay attention to that part!!)
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