Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 4 Magic Kingdom and bye bye Stomach Virus...we hope

Well, thankfully Ann Welch didn't have any more stomach "issues" after last night. She slept well. Luckily, when the Stomach Virus hits us, it's usually short lived. This morning we decided to go on to Magic Kingdom since she seemed back to her usual self and was keeping food and drink down. We kept to ourselves today, staying away from cousins and family in case AW was still contagious. We just waved as we saw them. It was kinda sad, really. We missed them! But, we actually had a wonderful day by ourselves, we got a lot done.

Please continue to pray that no one else gets the nas-tay virus.

Here is a pic of Copeland asleep during the parade(which he finds boring...little mr. daredevil).

We lo-a-ove Wishes fireworks at MK!!

David, AW, and Ford on Buzz Lightyear. Ford and David are so competitive, both trying to beat each other.

This is the little playground we go to when David takes Copeland on Splash Mountain.
Sweet little feet watching the parade...This child will NOT keep shoes on.

Here is my pitiful little baby while she was sick...
Waving at mommy on the Cinderella's Carousel.

The fam. waiting for the parade to begin. They kept delaying it b/c they were filming (Jessica Simpson, Katherine McFee, and Patty LaBell sp?) for a Christmas special.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 3, Disney's Animal Kindom AND THE STOMACH VIRUS HITS....

I'm just now getting around to posting our updates, so I'm posting the first three days at once. You may have to scroll down a few pages.

Today we visited Animal Kingdom. I LOVE this park. Ford's favorite ride is the Kali River Rapids where everyone gets soaked. He rode it three times in a row. We put ponchos on so we wouldn't get too wet. My favorite show is at AK...The Festival of the Lion King. If you haven't seen this, don't miss it!! Copeland loved Expedition Everest.

So, after lunch we had an unfortunate turn of events. I've been a really good girl this year, I promise. This being our 5th time at Disney with the kids, we've never gotten sick. Unfortunately, I guess, we were due. Today at Animal Kingdom while we were waiting for Missy and Clancy, Ann Welch barfed all over the place. You cannot plan for something like this. I'm just standing there, embarrassed, and feeling horrible for my baby and it's like you just freeze. The Disney employees were so nice. I was apologizing and they were like, "this happens everyday here, don't worry about it". I immediately scooped her up and we headed for the bus stop to come back to the Resort. By the time we got to the bus stop, she threw up again and then again on the bus. I could feel all the other mom's looking at me sympathetically. we the hotel up throw up and diarrhea..

I'm sitting here praying this nasty virus doesn't go through all of us. Please PRAY now that no one else gets it!! David doesn't do well with stomach viruses, they seem to hit him the worst. While the rest of the crew went to Downtown Disney tonight, we hunkered down in our room. David did take the boys swimming, so they had fun with that. Ford is working on his school work...hopefully we will get to go back to Magic Kingdom tomorrow. We have Epcot on Sat. and MK again on Sunday and then we head home.

Here are some pictures I snapped today before the crisis.


Day two...MGM Disney Studios...

On Wednesday, we toured MGM Disney Studios. MGM is famous for their shows and we went to all of them. Fantasmic was a favorite of everyone. It is the night time light and water show. Copeland and Gerald rode Tower of Terror b/c the rest of us are chickens. I will ride most roller coasters, but I don't like big drops. Gerald and I rode Rockin Roller coaster and all I can say about that one is WOW. Copeland would have ridden it, but he was too short. :( David and Jon took Copie on Space Mountain the day before. Ford is going through a chicken/cautious phase. He has ridden Space Mountain and Splash Mtn. before, but would not this year. Mary Reagan isn't liking the more intense rides either. Here are some highlights from MGM...

We finally made it...Disney World day 1... Magic Kingdom

Wow, we are finally here!! After a REALLY, REALLY late night arrival, we hit Magic Kingdom the first day. We are vacationing with David's brother and sister and their families. All the Hilyer cousins are here at Disney together! This is Mary Reagan, Jewell, and Brack's first trip here so we (the ole veterans) are enjoying showing them the ropes and seeing their smiling faces!

Okay, you knew it was coming...The Weather Report. It is HOT & HUMID. Hello? It's winter people and it's been in the mid 80's everyday. Kinda frustrating when you try to plan a trip around the hot weather. But of course, despite the hotness and rain we are rock'in and roll'in.

We also enjoyed Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom. The parade and decor were fabulous! Here are some pictures from our first day at Disney...

Here is Ann Welch's new fav. Baby Minnie. She loved on this all night long.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday adventures... part one!

We went to Green Hills mall today. The kids played in Davis Kidd book store and Pottery Barn Kids. Man...If I could win a shopping spree ANYWHERE, it would be PBK. Their toys are fabulous. We walked past Leigh Ann Rimes in the mall. She had on more make up than Tammy Faye Baker.

We also attempted to take mom and dad's Christmas card picture this morning. Of course, none turned out great. I had all of my camera setting wrong and I overexposed all of the pictures. Wonderful! The next "session" all the kids were freezing and they kept making crazy faces. Dad decided not to smile in any of those pics either. Nice. The third session was a DISASTER all around. This really makes me look forward to trying to get MY Christmas card picture. It will be an nightmare as it usually is. Lots of bribery and raising of voices. David has to babysit me during those shoots b/c I get really mean. It's pitiful, really!

We are having a great time, I'm sad we leave tomorrow. But we have to be home in time for the IRON BOWL!


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