Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday adventures... part one!

We went to Green Hills mall today. The kids played in Davis Kidd book store and Pottery Barn Kids. Man...If I could win a shopping spree ANYWHERE, it would be PBK. Their toys are fabulous. We walked past Leigh Ann Rimes in the mall. She had on more make up than Tammy Faye Baker.

We also attempted to take mom and dad's Christmas card picture this morning. Of course, none turned out great. I had all of my camera setting wrong and I overexposed all of the pictures. Wonderful! The next "session" all the kids were freezing and they kept making crazy faces. Dad decided not to smile in any of those pics either. Nice. The third session was a DISASTER all around. This really makes me look forward to trying to get MY Christmas card picture. It will be an nightmare as it usually is. Lots of bribery and raising of voices. David has to babysit me during those shoots b/c I get really mean. It's pitiful, really!

We are having a great time, I'm sad we leave tomorrow. But we have to be home in time for the IRON BOWL!


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