Thursday, November 29, 2007

We finally made it...Disney World day 1... Magic Kingdom

Wow, we are finally here!! After a REALLY, REALLY late night arrival, we hit Magic Kingdom the first day. We are vacationing with David's brother and sister and their families. All the Hilyer cousins are here at Disney together! This is Mary Reagan, Jewell, and Brack's first trip here so we (the ole veterans) are enjoying showing them the ropes and seeing their smiling faces!

Okay, you knew it was coming...The Weather Report. It is HOT & HUMID. Hello? It's winter people and it's been in the mid 80's everyday. Kinda frustrating when you try to plan a trip around the hot weather. But of course, despite the hotness and rain we are rock'in and roll'in.

We also enjoyed Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom. The parade and decor were fabulous! Here are some pictures from our first day at Disney...

Here is Ann Welch's new fav. Baby Minnie. She loved on this all night long.

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