Saturday, December 1, 2007

Day 5 Epcot and here we go again...

Well...I'm back in the room with AW. After no vomiting or diarrhea for a day and a half she had them both again today. At least we got some pictures with characters today. I noticed she wasn't smiling in any pictures and now I know why...she didn't feel good. David just took the boys swimming and I'm going to take them back to Epcot later this afternoon. We got to ride Soarin, which is one of my personal fav's. Later we are going to do Test Track and the Living Seas where the new Nemo ride is. Missy is feeling like she might be getting sick too. It's amazing how fast a yucky virus can ruin your vacation. We have another day tomorrow, but we are thinking about leaving in the morning. We might go by MK for a little bit...I would love to get some Christmas card pictures. I haven't gotten a single good pic of all three of mine...go figure.

Is there such thing as too much Disney? This is our 5th trip in less than 5 years and I think I can safely say...YES. We have loved our company on this trip(Jon, Clancy, Missy, Gerald, Mary Reagan, Jewell, and Brack). But...I think we are a little burned out. We've decided to take a few years off. I'm not coming back unless we stay at a monorail Resort. The bus system bites. The stomach virus hitting us on this trip hasn't helped with the Magic, that's for sure!

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