Sunday, December 23, 2007

Santa on a firetruck...and the 106 degree fever

This has been a hard week! Ann Welch has been running HIGH fever all week. I took her to the doctor Friday morning and he said she had a "sore throat virus". Her fever has consistently been over 104 degrees and once reached 106. I'm not typically the "freak out" kind of mom. I started feeding her ice chips and she was acting okay, so I wasn't too worried. She is doing better, hopefully she won't run any more fever today.

Yesterday, mom and dad's neighborhood has a tradition where Santa comes down the street and throws candy to all the kids. They seriously get so pumped about this! Mom made a wonderful brunch and friends and neighbors came by. Edward is home and it was so good to see him! Dad played the guitar and we sang Christmas carols(well the one's of us that are cool did). My boys played football in the backyard with David and they kept throwing the football in the pond. Below is a pic of David actually getting into the freezing water and retrieving the ball. I'm sure that was a nice feeling. I love the picture of Will trying to get the grass off his hands, he IS SO CUTE!!!!

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Kristi said...

Hope that AW is feeling better at this point...