Tuesday, December 4, 2007


We arrived home from Disney on Sunday night. Here are a few pictures the Disney "photographers" took at the parks. We bought the CD (so yes I have the rights to post these) thinking the pictures would be good, well quite a few are not. I was really disappointed in the quality of the pictures. I edited them on my software. Overall, though, they were able to get some good family shots that I couldn't. On Monday, David had to meet with clients in Knoxville (5 hours away) so Ann Welch and I headed up there with him. She had a 2 year old meltdown at the hotel this morning. I think she is over all of this being away. We were just gone one night, but...whewww...I'm tired of being in the car. We got a new car two weeks ago and have already put 2500 miles on it...YIKES! I'm so glad to be home tonight. Vacation is wonderful, but there's nothing like home!

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