Friday, January 18, 2008

let it snow...let it snow...let it SNOW PLEASE!

We are supposed to get b/w 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow and as far as my kids are concerned this is better than Santa. I sure hope it develops like "they" are predicting, b/c I will have some pitiful boys if it doesn't. So...stay tuned for some pictures. Oh and for those of you who are like, "no big's just snow," it would be a HUGE deal here. Our last big snow was in 93. I was 17 and I remember building a kickin' snowman in my front yard. We love us some snow here!!

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Casa Hughes said...

Allison, I remember helping you with that kcikin' snowman. I also remember trying to find your dog and then trying to get the matted snow off in the bathtub!

Kristi said...

Girl, I could hardly sleep last night, either! I was SO disappointed this morning when there was nothing. :(