Friday, February 29, 2008

Anywhere chair...

My latest investment is the Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids. When I saw the pink with white polka dots, I was SOLD. I need to get it monogrammed, but PBK couldn't do it b/c her name is too long(sorry hon). AW LOVES it! She really hasn't been into TV much, but now watches her Cedermont Kids DVD's and sings along. These pictures are taken with a flash, so the color stinks...oh well. :-) I'm going to post some pics of the boys later this weekend.

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an afternoon visit from jack and jud....

Jackson and Judson came over today. David took the boys Quail hunting so they weren't here, but Jackson was a good sport. He played the hunting Cabelas game on the Wii so he was hunting too!! Judson and AW devoured some grapes. Ann Welch always loves to be around Judson...he's hunkalicious!!

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Bad hair day...

We enjoyed some warmer weather this afternoon and spent some time outside swinging and playing the the trampoline. Static LOVES Ann Welch's hair! Lovely...

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I've got some catchin' up to do...

It's been such a nice day today! I haven't had to worry about any C&C stuff. :-) AW and I dropped the boys off at school and went to the Y. Good thing she likes to go, b/c we've been there just about every day. I've had so many people tell me they were keeping their kids out of the Y during the cold and flu season. The Lord has blessed us with good health this winter despite her being there daily AND at Mother's Day Out one day a week. He knew I NEEDED to work out everyday and he had provided a way. No excuses... I've lost 13lbs and I already feel so much better!

I have a sweet, sweet Faulkner student helping me clean house every week. She is from the Ukraine and she is just a blessing!! :-) Our last Upward BB game is tomorrow and then we'll head full force into baseball.

All of Ann Welch's poor babies are "nekkid".
Ann Welch smelling my (half-dead) roses from David.
Copeland and Ford have this AU/Alabama rivalry. They are both trying to get Ann Welch to be for their team. So Copie dressed her up the other night. He was LOVING this!!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little pee pee and a little barf...

So I've been totally missing in action lately! I have been so busy with this trunk show stuff, but I am DONE DONE DONE and boy am I glad! :-) Last weekend we took an all girls-no kids-no husbands-no pets-trip to the beach. We rented Bobby and Ashley's new condo in PC. PC is totally revamping(is that a word?) itself. They are rebuilding like crazy. We saw "Fools Gold" and let me tell you WE WERE RIPPED OFF! This is NOT a chick flick. I was so disappointed. Matthew McC had jheri curl(yes, I spelled this correctly...I looked it up) and that was NOT attractive to look at for 2 hours. There was WAY too much suspense for a "girl movie" if you ask me.

If you've already read Melissa's blog, you got more of a synopsis of our trip. It was really refreshing. I missed my sweet fam. like crazy, but you know ...absence makes the heart grow fonder...and sometimes our hearts need to feel that way. :-) I have GREAT friends, that's for sure!!!!!!

Mom and dad took us out to eat tonight---back to that part later... We are still potty-training AW. Yes, 3 weeks later we are still having "issues". I don't remember this with my boys. She is doing great with the #2 part....However, the #1 part needs some work. She will just pee pee on the floor with NO warning. She won't tell me when she has to go and she can't hold it. She still has to go SO often. I'm wondering if we jumped into this too soon. :-(....So like I said, we went out to dinner tonight and she just tee teed in the high chair and I didn't know it. I was like, "what is dripping on the floor...did someone spill their water?" Well she was saturated in tinkle and she didn't care. Being the ultra prepared mommy that I am these days, I took her to the bathroom and changed her another outfit. We get back to the table and I say, "Ann Welch...ya want a bite of feta cheese?"(the girl loves some feta now). She gobbles down a bite and I realize it's blue cheese not feta. Blue cheese is NAS-TAY. Evidently she thinks so too b/c she just ralphs all over the place. We don't want to just spit out the cheese part, the part that isn't yummy...we have to let it digest for a sec. and then barf it up ALL OVER THE PLACE. I looked at my mom and we both just died out laughing. I'm sure they are just itching to take us out again soon!! :-0

P.S. I plan on taking some pics soon, I'm having camera withdrawals!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is such a great read and reminder for us as Christian women. Sorry for the email format, I copy-pasted it onto my blog...

Dearest Ladies,

This is the email I told you to expect from the class entitled, “Balancing Church and Family” at the Freed-Hardeman Lectureship. These are your responses to the question, “How do you balance Church and family?” I will include the names of those who gave thei I was very tempted to share all the email addresses with all of you but felt it wiser to ask permission first. If you are willing for your email address to be shared with all those in attendance that day who turned in a card, just reply to this email and I will send out another one with all those names and addresses on it. Perhaps you will find a long lost roommate or dear sister in the names!> > > > I pray that God will be glorified through our love for each other and for him as we share with each other encouraging words about how we try to balance Church and family. May God bless each of you!> > > > In his love,> > Kathy Henton> > > > "Advice for Balancing Church and Family”> > > > I try to start every morning with Bible reading and prayer. My husband and I start each morning with a prayer together.> > > > Balancing church and family is such an important factor of our lives. We must schedule time for both. God knows how much we can and should do. It is easier for our family and church to be balanced if we are all involved in both. God and family require different aspects of time and we need to make decisions about this. We never have more put on us than we can do. Please help us remember our family is so important to us, just as God is and help us to make time for both. Just as Jesus took time to pray and be with family, so should we! Everything you do in balancing your life, do all to the glory of God! Phil. 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Matt. 6:33 “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you!” Let the older women teach the younger to be spiritual! Home! > > Mary Kee> > > > Love unconditionally.> > > > I am the church secretary and my husband is the preacher. I take my four year old daughter with me to work. She helps me when she can. She is learning what goes on “behind the scenes” in church work.> > > > To balance Church and Family: Obey when your husband says MOVE again. Don’t make him feel guilty for all the sacrifices you have to make. > > Mary Baxter> > Every morning at the breakfast table we (myself and three sons) read a short scripture and have a “prayer for our day.” It takes less than five minutes but it starts our day off with the word and prayer.> > Keri Collinsworth> > > > Our idea is to combine church and family when possible. Plan some family activities that are church related. Some examples are: 1) service project; 2)studying for Bible Bowl; 3) preparing bulletin boards (assign activities) and many other creative ways to combine family and church.> > > > Involve your children in your service for the church, such as visits, etc.> > > > As a preacher’s wife I schedule certain days to work at the church building so I am not there every day. This helps me balance church and family.> > Robin Burroughs> > > > 1.. Schedule time for worship first—before anything else. Organize to make time for church. > 2.. Cook for a month in one day and freeze ahead. > 3.. Make simple meals. > 4.. Decorate simply—things that need little cleaning/dusting/etc. > 5.. Listen to scripture online while you clean or exercise. Put it on an MP3 player and listen while waiting at the doctor, sports, or in the grocery line.> > > Prioritize!> > > > Always prioritize the things in your family life and activities of the church. I find that when you do this you will always have time for both.> > > > In retirement years we “choose each day” whom and how we will serve and balance church and family.> > Donnieta White> > > > Learn to say “no” to other people sometimes. Balance your time!> > > > Put your church directory numbers in your cell phone so that when you have a free minute you can call the elderly or sick and check on them. It makes their day! J> > > > Remember that your family is part of the church. Don’t feel guilty for making your family a priority!> > Lorri Purkhiser> > > > Prioritize at different stages of life. Children are a priority when they are young. God willing, there will be more time to serve when they are older.> > > > An elder’s wife many years ago told me not to worry about things I couldn’t do as a young preacher’s wife. When I was older and the children gone I could do more. House work goes for about 3 days a week. Keep the children close when you’re young and teach them.> > > > Attending every service and always be ready to teach someone the truth.> > Sara Novak> > > > I try to put people and their needs before things (affairs of the world).> > > > Remembering that our purpose for being here is to bring glory to God—that it’s all about God, not me.> > Jennifer Abbott> > > > Ensure family that they are very important and that we are concerned about their proper relationship with the Lord.> > > > Being a preacher’s wife, we need to be prepared to pick up and move at a moment’s notice. And if you have little children, keep your family unit together without complaining and your children will have their security in a united family and love for the Lord. We have been married over 50 years and raised three beautiful children who are all Christians and married Christians and are busy bringing up their children in secure Christian homes. A beautiful balance of Church and family.> > Ann Watson> > > > While my children are small I focus most of my attention on sharing the Bible with them. Being sure they make it to heaven is my main goal for now. Any opportunity I have to serve others I take my small children with me so they will begin to love serving at an early age—taking bread to sick, widows, mailing cards to sick members and having them draw a picture. They can call sick members also.> > Ellen Brown> > > > Decide before the children are born that the family will be putting church worship and activities first before outside activities, no matter what.> > Lynne Golson> > > > Be an encourager to all. Use post-a-notes on a mirror to keep up with all events. > > > > Read to your children daily from the Bible. Be excited about it. It’s not a chore but a wonderful family time. Show our children how much we love our spouses.> > > > It is important not to get caught up in “church activities” and lose sight of our mission as mothers—raising godly children. Take your girls to ladies’ functions. It is great training for them. Involve yourself in things your children can work with as well (Lads to Leaders, for example)> > Autumn Richardson> > Prioritize—know what is important—God, Church, study, Family! They are a part of studying God’s word, worshipping, serving other. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!> > Linda Morgan> > > > Get your children involved in your Sunday school teaching. Let them help with visuals, etc.> > Pat Barker> > > > A good way that my parents helped me become involved was encourage/force me to go to visit shut-ins and nursing homes. It helped me realize that little things that you do for some people can make a dramatic difference in their day, week and maybe lives, if you have the right attitude.> > Tabitha Barker> > > > Worship with your family—study together everyday, setting good examples before the children.> > > > I was on my way to Peru on a mission trip and my two daughters, ages 19 and 17, were with me. My 17 year old lost her passport and was not able to leave with us. My 19 year old decided to stay in Atlanta with my 17 year old. It was the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do, but it was important to go and work with my Peruvian sisters. The very next day my daughter’s passport was found and the girls were able to fly to Peru. God was truly glorified. I was terrified but He took care of it.> > > > Include your children, as much as possible, in your service to God. Also remember, caring for your family is service to God.> > > > Be a good example before your children/step children.> > > > Thank you, dearest sisters! I pray that God will increase our faith day by day as we realize how much he loves us. I pray that we will always determine to obey him, to walk in faith and to follow his lead as we live out our lives balancing Church and family. To him be all the glory forever and ever!> > > > Your sister in Christ,> > Kathy Henton> > > > > > Tan compasivo es el Señor con los que le temen como lo es un padre con sus hijos. El conoce nuestra condición; sabe que somos de barro. > > Salmo 103.13-14> > > > As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him;> > for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust. Psalm 103:13-14

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shameless Castles and Crowns advertisement...

I am having my Castles and Crowns Open House Monday the 18th from 10-7. It is at my house. Melissa Lester is having her CAC party at my house the same evening from 4-7. If you are in the Montgomery area and need directions, please leave a comment with your email. Thanks!!

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Friday, February 8, 2008

new baby elephant at the zoo!

Ashley and I took the girls to the zoo today and we got to see the new baby elephant. It is SO yummy! :-) It's nice to have a zoo pass and go for just a little while. We rode the train and walked around for about an hour and a half. Ann Welch had a meltdown when we left b/c she wanted to play on the playground and ride in their "so cool and awesome car strollers." No stroller is more coveted than the "car stroller" at the zoo.

Look at those eyes on sweet Emma...gorgeous!
All together now...awwwww

The girls are enjoying their snacks on the train ride.

Yeah, the zoo!!

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

okay so I said I wasn't going to post much for the next few weeks....

We are still trucking on with the potty-training. We've had some pee and poo panties, but I can handle's temporary.
Evidence she bites her fingernails...

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score one for Tami-flu...

Well...after my post last night, Ford is feeling MUCH better after 2-3 doses of Tami-flu. He took Annie for a ride on the 4-wheeler this morning. Even though the Tami-flu is working wonderfully, he HATES taking it. It is really rough on the stomach and tastes HORRIBLE...I tasted it. He is 8, but he has a melt down every time he has to take it. He told me this morning that I must not love him b/c I was making him take it. I said, "brother...that doesn't work with me..." I'm not falling for the mommy-heart-string-pull-manipulation. He is the master of psyching himself out that something is going to be worse than it really is. Dr. T told David he should be ready to go back Tuesday. :-)

One of my sweet Copie too :-)

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Saturday, February 2, 2008


Welp...Ford has the flu. Luckily we got Tami-flu this morning, but Ford says he'd rather have fever, body aches, and headaches than drink the nasty Tami-flu twice a day. He is so much like David when he is sick. ;-)

Ann Welch is potty training and doing well. Right now(while I'm bloggin') she's just flushing the potty over and over again. I'm sure the newness will wear off soon. :-)

Copeland spent the night with Colby last night for a boys spend the night birthday party. Ashley said she "caught" him putting on deodorant right before bed. Keep in mind Copie was spending the night with Ford's friends who are 8. Copeland asked me before the party if he could take his deo and be like Ford's friend Reid who wears it... My boys really only use it during the summer for sports. He didn't listen to me b/c he snuck it in into his bag. HA!

I also love GAP underwear for my boys. Sometimes they come in packs of 3 and there will be an odd color in the group. Well...I happened to send Copie some RED boxer briefs and they were laying on the floor this morning at Ashley's. She said Copeland would NOT claim they were his. He was embarrassed of his little red ski-vies...would you be?

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Friday, February 1, 2008

check out my new poll...

Hey, I like this "poll thing"! Please answer it! I probably won't be updating as much for the next few weeks, I started my Castles and Crowns parties and I am SUPER busy. If you haven't checked out the website, it's really cute!

Ford woke up with fever this morning...bummer. Colby is having his spend the night birthday party tonight and I hate for him to miss that. David was going to take me to Vintage Year in Old Cloverdale for my birthday tonight...guess we'll have to postpone that too. Oh well, that's life with kids!! I have a party today(Friday), two tomorrow, and one Sunday. This is going to be a crazy weekend. Thank goodness I have a husband who is great and helps me a TON! (and never complains I might add...) :-)

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