Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little pee pee and a little barf...

So I've been totally missing in action lately! I have been so busy with this trunk show stuff, but I am DONE DONE DONE and boy am I glad! :-) Last weekend we took an all girls-no kids-no husbands-no pets-trip to the beach. We rented Bobby and Ashley's new condo in PC. PC is totally revamping(is that a word?) itself. They are rebuilding like crazy. We saw "Fools Gold" and let me tell you WE WERE RIPPED OFF! This is NOT a chick flick. I was so disappointed. Matthew McC had jheri curl(yes, I spelled this correctly...I looked it up) and that was NOT attractive to look at for 2 hours. There was WAY too much suspense for a "girl movie" if you ask me.

If you've already read Melissa's blog, you got more of a synopsis of our trip. It was really refreshing. I missed my sweet fam. like crazy, but you know ...absence makes the heart grow fonder...and sometimes our hearts need to feel that way. :-) I have GREAT friends, that's for sure!!!!!!

Mom and dad took us out to eat tonight---back to that part later... We are still potty-training AW. Yes, 3 weeks later we are still having "issues". I don't remember this with my boys. She is doing great with the #2 part....However, the #1 part needs some work. She will just pee pee on the floor with NO warning. She won't tell me when she has to go and she can't hold it. She still has to go SO often. I'm wondering if we jumped into this too soon. :-(....So like I said, we went out to dinner tonight and she just tee teed in the high chair and I didn't know it. I was like, "what is dripping on the floor...did someone spill their water?" Well she was saturated in tinkle and she didn't care. Being the ultra prepared mommy that I am these days, I took her to the bathroom and changed her another outfit. We get back to the table and I say, "Ann Welch...ya want a bite of feta cheese?"(the girl loves some feta now). She gobbles down a bite and I realize it's blue cheese not feta. Blue cheese is NAS-TAY. Evidently she thinks so too b/c she just ralphs all over the place. We don't want to just spit out the cheese part, the part that isn't yummy...we have to let it digest for a sec. and then barf it up ALL OVER THE PLACE. I looked at my mom and we both just died out laughing. I'm sure they are just itching to take us out again soon!! :-0

P.S. I plan on taking some pics soon, I'm having camera withdrawals!

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Melissa Lester said...

You are such a great, laid-back mom to be able to laugh in that situation! If you hadn't shipped your trunk back, it might have been helpful to have it in your car. :)