Sunday, February 3, 2008

score one for Tami-flu...

Well...after my post last night, Ford is feeling MUCH better after 2-3 doses of Tami-flu. He took Annie for a ride on the 4-wheeler this morning. Even though the Tami-flu is working wonderfully, he HATES taking it. It is really rough on the stomach and tastes HORRIBLE...I tasted it. He is 8, but he has a melt down every time he has to take it. He told me this morning that I must not love him b/c I was making him take it. I said, "brother...that doesn't work with me..." I'm not falling for the mommy-heart-string-pull-manipulation. He is the master of psyching himself out that something is going to be worse than it really is. Dr. T told David he should be ready to go back Tuesday. :-)

One of my sweet Copie too :-)

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Elizabeth Johnston said...

Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!