Saturday, March 15, 2008

Baseball is upon us...'s officially baseball season. Today while the boys had practice and THEN went to the Faulkner baseball game, AW and I went outside to enjoy some fresh air(and of course for me to indulge in my photography hobby). I realize now that she needs a haircut. I had to wet it a little b/c it was borderline nappy, but still...yikes! :-)

David and Ford are drafting their baseball teams for Fantasy Baseball. This is serious stuff folks! Please excuse Fords lovely hair, he had just taken a shower.
Meanwhile...where's Waldo(or AW and Copie)? Copeland and AW set up camp in the Living Room to watch a movie. I had Dinner Group at my house Tuesday night(which by they way was SUPER fun...too bad I don't have any pictures). The cardboard table and chairs made for a wonderful fort.

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