Tuesday, April 15, 2008

100 things about me...finally.

Okay here goes... I will probably be editing and adding to this post for a week...this is too hard.

1. I was born in 1976, makes me the big 3-2.

2. I was born in B'ham, AL and lived there 11 years until we moved to Mtgy.

3. I have sister that lives in Nashville and a brother that lives in San Diego(soon to be Ft. Lauder dale)

4. I played softball and cheered in high school.

5. I tore my ACL cheering in high school...that was a HUGE bummer!

6. I married my high school sweetheart.

7. I tried to break up with him when I went to Lipscomb, but he wouldn't let me. :-)

8. My dad is a Coach and my mom is a CRNA(nurse anesthetist).

9. I have a great relationship with my in-laws and my sister and brother in laws. They are all awesome!

10. My sister and I used to fight like crazy before I turned 20. Now we laugh about it. Somehow that doesn't comfort me when my boys beat the snot out of each other daily...

11. I was a girly/tomboy. I used to beat up all the boys in the neighborhood for trying to enter my fort and kidnap my dolls. I played with dolls until I was at least 12.

12. I love it when people tell me I look like my sister b/c I've always thought she was beautiful.

13. My brother has been to Iraq 3 times, he is really brave.

14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop and I'm a bit of a brand snob.

15. I love the smell of sunscreen b/c it reminds me of the beach.

16. I love to shop online. I love to shop in stores...get the picture?

17. My husband is really great about my shopping habits although I think I really stress him out.

18. I love my church, but I wish we would change a few things. Those changes will probably will never happen, but I'm staying there anyway.

19. I don't enjoy reading, I hope my kids will. SCRATCH THAT!! I have just recently picked it up again and I am reading a book every two days. It is my obsession now!!

20. I love to stop at Starbucks and get a Skinny Mocha!

21. I love working out at the Y. Ann Welch loves it too, thank goodness!

22. I worked at the Gap in college and for Clinique. I had to put make-up on some nas-tay faces...sometimes I thought I might throw up.

23. I love long hair on boys. Not like super dooper long, but long.

24. I only wear lipstick/lip gloss, eye liner, and mascara. Occasionaly I might wear eye shadow and powder.

25. I love peppermint shampoos and body washes.

26. I love my Sedu flat iron. I have a FRO with out it. Seriously. I usually wear a hat when I work out for this reason.

27. Any chick flick makes me happy.

28. I don't like movies where people die. Only happy endings, thanks.

29. I laugh when people fall, I am so mean.

30. When I was 9 months preg. with Copeland I tripped walking into church and screamed out a bad word. Oops...

31. Our family is very competitive....not with other families, just in general.

32. When Ford was born, David and I used to fight over who would hold him.

33. I am really jealous of my husband's running ability. My calf strains are drivin' me crazy!

34. I get really angry talking politics.

35. I have never been out of the country.

36. We go to Disney every year. Every time we leave, we say, "Let's not come back here next year." But we do anyway.

37. I was pretty much a good girl growing up. So was David...maybe we will pass that on to our kids. yeah right!

38. I absolutely.hate.to.be.late. I can't stand it!!

39. I love to see "before and after" pictures...whether it be houses, weight, etc.

40. I would love to have another baby, but my husband says we're done. Sometimes I feel done too, but sometimes I don't. When will I know???? We'll see. :-)

41. I love squash thanks to Mrs. Hilyer.

42. I wish I had a better prayer life.

43. I have major anxiety about my kids riding in cars with other people.

44. Just about every morning we wake up, one of our kids is in bed with us.

45. We need a king sized bed...the queen aint cuttin' it.

46. I love moon lit strolls on the beach....just kidding.

47. I love moon lit crab hunts on the beach, for real. My kids think a beach trip isn't complete with out that.

48. I feel sorry for my husband b/c he has given up so many hobbies to spend more time with us. He used to show horses. Now his hobbies are our kids sports!

49. I love having both mine and David's parents close by.

50. For that reason, we are too cheap to pay a babysitter.

51. I am not too cheap to have someone help me clean my house.

52. I already praying for my kids future spouses. I learned to do that from my mom.

53. My dad never meets a stranger. He still keeps up with his friends from childhood. I wish I were more like that.

54. I have never heard my mom or her mom(my Nene) say an ugly word about anyone.

55. I'm a little obsessed with children's clothes, Christmas cards, outings with my girlfriends, and taking pictures of my kids(and whomever else's are around). I also HAVE to iron everything, even my kids school uniforms. I'm not the best at ironing, but it has to be done!

56. My favorite stores are Harolds(when they aren't looking too Coldwater Creekish...aka mamaw), Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, and Boden.

57. I don't like taking baths, I don't feel clean afterwards.

58. My kids make me laugh a million times a day.

59. I'm really bad about exaggerating.(see post 58)

60. I have a bad habit of pinching my nose while I talk to people. It's weird, I know.

61. I HATE grocery shopping.

62. And I don't like to cook.

63. I do like to eat, though, and now I'm trying to shed my left over baby weight from 3 kids.

64. I have had 4 miscarriages. We don't know why. I'm okay with that.

65. I was induced with all three of my babies.

66. I nursed all three of my babies over a year...I loved it.

67. I love my wedding rings. I NEVER take them off.

68. I have never suffered from depression, I just don't get down easily.

69. I love watching my boys play baseball. I hate to miss a game.

70. I love Volitile flip flops.

71. I went skiing on my honeymoon. It was WAY fun.

72. I don't like cheesy email forwards...sorry friends. :-)

73. Sorry folks, but I also don't like music on blogs. I just keep my computer muted. It drives me crazy...

74. I also almost never watch a video on some one's blog. It takes too long.

75. When we were dating, my husband flipped us over on his 4-wheeler. We were fine...hallelujah!

76. I love to sing devotional/praise songs. Not by myself(cause I can't sing), but in church.

77. I don't have a lot of patience. I really am working on this!

78. I love Gerber daises.

79. When my husband took the Bar, he had a HORRIBLE stomach virus and my mom had to give him IV fluids just so he could sit up and take the test. We had two babies and I was super nervous, but he passed the first time...He's a super hero and my kids think so too. One more about him...he's a REALLY good Dixie Youth baseball coach. Everyone wants to be on his team. He puts 110 % into it.

80. I wish I could have one more day with my boys when they were little. It's killing me that they are so big now.

81. I'm creative, but not crafty...if that makes sense. On the other hand, I'm coordinated yet clumsy.

82. I'm so ready to build a house, but I love our location and I'm not sure I'm willing to give that up just yet.

83. My favorite place to eat is Zoe's Kitchen. I order the Lean Turkey Pita EVERY time. I also love Bonefish and PF Chang's.

84. I wish we had a Swoozies in Mtgy, and a Pottery Barn Kids.

85. My husband is so excited that we now have a Dick's Sporting Goods.

86. I think #86 was actually about him, not me...but I'm running out of things to say. Okay...here's another one. I like to be in charge. That is not a surprise to most of you.

87. I love my Nikon SLR!

88. I worked in Labor and Delivery part time while the boys were little. It was a good experience, but I have no desire to go back.

89. I absolutely love my boys teachers this year! Wonderful Christian women!

90. I used to be tan... For some reason, it's a lot harder for me to get one now.

91. We are a weather obsessed family. We always know the forecast, especially Ford.

92. Once this past year, David and I got so tickled(that means we couldn't stop laughing in southern slang) in church we had to get up and leave. VERY mature. Our song leader was making hilarious gestures and faces(not on purpose).

93. My parents wouldn't let me see E.T. growing up. I still haven't seen the whole thing.

94. My sister and I used to sneak and watch soap operas(Days specifically) when mom wasn't looking. (sorry you had to find out this way mom).

95. I was baptized when I was 11.

96. I could watch "hey it's Franklin" all day with my kids.

97. One of my favorite indulgences is to check http://www.celebrity-babies.com/ every day.

98. When we were little we had a dog named Noodle. One day we came home from school and my parents had given her away. We all three bawled for hours.

99. I hate the Calvin bumper stickers, but I love the one that says honk if parts fall off. That one always cracks me up.

100. I still have to sleep with a light on b/c I am a huge scaredy-cat.

101. And one more for good measure... my kids will only eat Spaghetti with Wal-mart brand sauce. Weird.

Thanks for reading, it's 1:00 a.m.! I am SO gonna pay for this tomorrow.

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Leah said...

I love these posts!! Thanks for sharing!

Sandy Thompson said...

That was great..I actually laughed outloud at some of them. I see we are total opposites on a few things; (baths, grocery shopping.) Interesting. I'm sorry you have to turn the volume down when you get on my blog...Oh well, I love the songs!!!:)

Robyn said...

Very fun!

Robin Taylor Holley said...

I enjoyed this!! My mom was the same way...she wouldn't let us watch Days either. Now I did see E.T. But she was very picky about what we watchted and I didn't understand then but I do now!!! I hate forwards and songs on blogs too. I do not even read forwards..no matter what it says. I LOVE Christams cards. I already have the dresses, the cards, the setting, and everything for this year. I know it's crazy but I just love it!!

Nancy Hood said...

Loved getting to know you better! Jenny & I were just talking about you today and how much we enjoy your snapshots!!

Kristi said...

That was funny - I loved every one!

Kristen said...

I mean, I feel like I know you so personally now. Some of those literally made me laugh at loud. Like laughing at people when they fall. I do that too!!

Keri said...

It was weird to read a lot of those and already know them about you and they still crack me up! You are a great friend and wanted to take this chance to tell you that you are loved!