Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Circus!

My sweet dad treated us to a trip to the Circus last night. He and his dad always loved the circus so he was as excited as we were. He bought us the best seats in the house and we saw everything up close and personal! Copeland was there, of course, for the food. Here was our "food" bill while we were there. We're broke now. :-)
1. 2 clown snow cones @ 9 bucks each....18 bucks
2. 1 cotton candy with the COOL hat you see below.....10 bucks
3. 1 pizza....3 bucks
4. 1 nachos...3 bucks
5. 2 water bottles @ 2 bucks each.....4 bucks
Total...38 bucks (that was just for the boys)

We had so much fun! The elephant, tiger and acrobatic acts were fabulous. You can see the picture below of Ford checking the weather on David's blackberry during the show. We had bad weather so he wanted to make sure we didn't need to take cover...
Mom and sweet Annie stayed behind and played with my doll house from when I was little. Mom got it down from the attic before we left.

Thanks dad!! :-)

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Melissa Lester said...

Looks like great fun. What a cute clown cup!

Nancy Hood said...

My father always took the four of us to the circus, Holiday on Ice, and the rodeo. Each. And. Every. Year! Now the state fair? There was no way he was going there, always said, "wait and let a date take you", then he'd frown. But boy, were some heart memories made at the other three events!

Robin Taylor Holley said...

We thought about going to the circus! It looks like you had fun! I know what you mean about the cost of food. My mom asked me to stop and buy her a diet coke on the way home the other day. Of course I said I would and of course the girls have to go with me in the store. They got a drink and a snack. It was $10.00 and all I needed was a diet coke!!!