Friday, April 18, 2008

Frugal Friday...'s the scoop....I don't typically shop at Wal-mart for my kids clothes(see the 100 things about me below). But...I found these precious gingham shorts and matching tees. The whole outfit was about 7 bucks. I did have them monogrammed and that was another 10 bucks per outfit(you can probably find cheaper monogramming). I mainly bought these for play clothes...something that I don't have to worry about getting ruined. AW loves them, she feels like a big girl. The tee's run a little small so I would go up a size. So people, if you have little girls, run don't walk to Wally World and get you some cheap play clothes!!

If you notice a red tint on her face, you are not blind. She got into my lipstick this morning and colored herself pretty...and her trunk show outfit which is now sitting in Oxy Clean. Oh, I've got another Copie on my hands!! :-)

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Adcock'sCircus said...

Do you ever shop online with Mr. Rebates? The only way I shop now is online, even diapers and forumla. You get discounts and cash back. You even get cash back when you refer a friend and they join on their purchases. Boden is on it, Ann Taylor. Ann Taylor Loft. shoot me an email and I can tell you more. I don't have your email or I'd send you the info.
Can you believe we are about to add another little boy!!!

Kristi said...

Very cute, I need to do that!

Rebecca said...

Who does your monogramming? I may have to do something like that for Reese. We have done that in the past with Brooks except we got some shirts appliqued. Saved lots of money, and I am all about that!

Melissa Lester said...

I found those shorts recently and got them for the girls in pink, green, turquoise and lavender. I thought they would be cute with monogrammed tops but haven't gotten around to that. When I found them, I thought they might meet your standards -- for play clothes anyway! :)

Robin Taylor Holley said...

Girl, we already have theses!! I bought all Wal-Mart had in white tshirts for monogramming this year! I even made John go to the Opelika and Auburn Wal-Mart to get more! $ can't beat that!

sweeter and the bubbas said... YOU were the one who stole all the white tees. Kidding, of course!! :-)

Leah said...

OK, I went and bought these for Marley too, but they were too big! The twelve month swallowed her! Oh well! Thanks for the tip anyway!