Thursday, April 24, 2008

Will and Ann Welch...

Before church last night I snapped a few pics. Will is now home with his family. We really enjoyed having him. I don't thing AW knows what to do with herself now that he's gone. Once again we have another REALLY busy weekend(surprise). I think I'm going to Nashville on Sunday to spend a bit more time with Christine.

Tonight we were in Target buying birthday presents(3 to be exact) and Ann Welch started hollering "POO POO, POO POO, POO POO" and I mean it was LOUD! First, I told her to stop...well that didn't work. Then, I tried to ignore her. Finally I resorted to hiding.

I'm in mourning over my dying Azaleas... :-(

Slick Willie...All week I called him Willie Wonka(dumb I know, but I always have silly nicknames for people). I asked him if that was his name, and he said, " no, my name is Will Adcock." Well...just put me in my place then!! :-) These babies were FILTHY by the end of the day. Some days, they got more than one bath, but they had a ball playing outside all day. I'm lovin' me some Spring weather!!!!

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Melissa Lester said...

Cute pics! That has to be one of AW's cutest outfits ever!

Kristi said...

Right now, I can tell Kate she's a sweet girl, and her reply is "I'm not a sweet girl, Mama, I am Kate"

Robin Taylor Holley said...

I can't wait until my sis has a baby!!!! I want another one but I think I'll enjoy hers!!