Friday, May 23, 2008

Humidity at the Zoo...

So Christine and I braved the high high humidity and took the bunch to the Zoo today. Ya know, it's the kind of humidity you expect in August, the kind where you are wiping your brow every 5.5 seconds, the kind where you have to suck hard to breathe. But...all in all we had a great time. One of Ford's good buddies walked in right as we were getting there so that made him super happy! Ann Welch insisted on pushing the double stroller herself. We brought it b/c of Copie's "injury". I don't know why I quoted that he is injured. I guess I just like to use quotation marks. I made him an appt. with an Orthopedic next week just to check things out, but he is making progress every day. Not many of my pics were good today, so I'm only gonna post these 4. We are heading to Alex City tomorrow for Ford's travel baseball team to play. Tomorrow night we will say goodbye to our good friends Shannon and Sonny and their kids who will be moving to Huntsville. Boo Hoo!

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