Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday baseball happenings...part one

Well...there are many posts below for you to catch up on...Today we had another baseball game and so of course I lugged my Nikon to the game to take some pics. Sweet Marley starts us off...a-dorable!

And we won again... :-)
This is Ann Welch with her monkey that she named "mickey the mukkle". I'm not sure where that came from but the boys thought it was hilarious. David took us out to eat tonight at Bonefish for Mother's Day and the boys laughed for hours about the monkey's name.

Tonight while lying in bed with my sweet baby
she said, "fidermans gonna det me" (spider man's going to get me).
I said, "honey, spider man is good...he won't get you."
She said, "dirls don't wike fiderman". (girls don't like spider man)

Then, somehow we got to talking about breath and
I said, "AW your breath smells so sweet". She had just finished a sippy of milk. She asked to smell mine(not sure why and I can't believe I'm telling this).
I said, "how does it smell?"...
she said, "your bref mells like poo poo".

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Nancy Hood said...

I laughed out loud!! and so did Johnny when I read it to him! Thanks for that tonight!!

Rebecca said...

Sometimes their honesty is more than you wanted to know!

Melissa Lester said...

Those are such great photos, and cute stories too. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend!

Leah said...

I'm in stitches!!

Marley's picture is great! Will you send me a copy of it too!

Sandy Thompson said...

You are so funny. You should be a writer!! I find myself laughing outloud at your blogs quite a bit!