Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whewww...what a busy fun filled day!!

We had a great day surrounded with family! After our trip to the pool, my cousin's wife Jennifer and her mom and kids stopped by on their way to the beach. They are spending the night with mom and dad to break the trip up. John and Jennifer have the cutest kids!!! They all had a blast feeding the ducks and playing in the backyard. We will be sorry to see them go tomorrow. Mom and dad treated us all to take out from Zoe's Kitchen(my fav where I eat twice a week). Ford and David missed out on most of the fun due to baseball practice.
There are lots of updates below. I had my camera on me all day.
I caught Walker in the middle of a yawn...


This is AW's "David face". It looks JUST like him!
Brothers lookin' for turtles...

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The Adcocks said...

Hey, love the pictures. I'm making my blog private so if there are any of Allison's friends that want to view my blog, email me at and I will add you to the list.