Monday, June 30, 2008

Big helpers!!

Today we are home cleaning and trying to catch up from the busy weekend. The boys closet and drawers needed to be re-organized so they set to work. They folded all this by themselves!!

We have been SUPER busy. This weekend Ford's travel ball team played in a tournament in Auburn. They won 3 and lost 1. Our last game got rained out yesterday. Wednesday we are going to the beach with the Rives. We will return Sunday and leave to go back on Wednesday. David has a CLE in Sandestin. We will pretty much be gone to the beach for 2 weeks(home for a few days in-between)...hey, I'm not complaining!!

Christine, Will, and Walker have been here all week and we've really enjoyed hanging out with them. You can visit Christine's blog here and see the pics I took of the boys last weekend.

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Leah said...

Such good helpers!! Have a great time at the beach!