Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Orthodontics...and warts...

Well, we have officially entered the "pre teen" stage at 8 1/2. Not really, but my first born got a retainer today. He looks so cute if you ask me. It is bothering him a bit and I think David is going to take him to get a milkshake after church. He was a trooper about it, though. Copeland also had his first Orthodontic appt. today. We aren't going to do anything for a little while, but his x-rays confirm his mouth is a doozy. Poor Copie, his teeth are coming out at a snails pace. He literally has nubs for his front two teeth now. He wiggles every day... Seriously he told me last week, "mom..all I want for Christmas this year is Rock band for the Wii and my front two teeth to come out." Maybe we could re-write the song!! I hope the pocket book will hold up for school and braces!!

I heard Ford outside asking a friend today, "James, do you have warts?". James replied, "uh no." Ford said, "I have one on my foot and duck tape will get rid of it...just in case you ever have one and you need to know."

Dear YMCA pool,
Thanks for giving my boys warts this summer.
They are now covered in duct tape.
a very sticky mutha...

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The Allen Clan said...

hey girl!! you have the most beautiful children!

Leah said...

Love the YMCA bit! These pictures are great! He does look cute in his retainer!! Carson's teeth are also coming out at SNAIL pace! He's only lost 2!

Kristi said...

He is adorable in the retainer - althought that's probably NOT what he would want to hear!!!