Monday, August 11, 2008

back to school...

Today my boys left me to go back to school. I promise this was the shortest Summer Vaca EV-ER!! I actually teared up during my morning workout at the Y. We didn't have the best morning and I hate to leave them that way!!
Here's the synopsis:
Got up at 6:45(NOT early enough)
Handed them new Uniforms...
Copeland put on an old uniform with out asking me and then lied to me about I was NOT happy. It was an old polo from last year he found somewhere. It had a hole in it and stains on the shirt. It should be in the trash.
One of their belts broke.
I REALLY wanted to get some good pictures and as you can see below, I DID NOT.
So...we get in the car by 7:30 and I realize I have no keys.
I call David to come home and bring me a key to get into the house.
He gets here about 7:50ish to save the day.
We get to school at 8:05. I spent the first 5 min. of the car ride(weaving in and out of traffic trying not to be TOO late) with me getting onto Copeland for lying and not putting on the right clothes.
The next 5 minutes were spent with me talking to my sister-in-laws about the first drop off their little girls.
The last few minutes we had time for a short prayer that Ford led. We prayed for them to have a good first day and we prayed for their teachers.
I literally peeled into ACA on two wheels at 8:05.
Carpool line was over...darn.
I ran into the office and asked Julie if they needed a tardy slip(on the first day of school).
She told me to just walk them to class.
I turned around and didn't see AW behind me and I opened the door on her toe. Screams were heard all over the school.
I told the boys to hurry to class but I couldn't walk them there b/c of the loud screams of pain.
Our school counselor gave me the "look". I'm not sure if it was, "I can't believe you can't be on time the first day of school," or "please quiet your child".
Coupled with the anxiety I have of being late and AW being hurt....I wanted to scream too!!

Here they are last year...

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Melissa Lester said...

Oh, what a morning! The first day of school doesn't always go as smoothly as we envision, does it? And that first afternoon home sometimes turns out harried rather than the peaceful homecoming you've pictured. Our morning went well, but I'm trying not to feel like a zombie adjusting to those early mornings again!

Paige said...

I hate to giggle, but that sounds just like us when we were in school. And the fact that you peeled in on two wheels.... my mom mastered that for sure. It was amazing that we ever made it on time, being that we were 3 girls.

And it is so cute that AW was excited to go pick them up :)

Leah said...

Bless your heart! What a morning!! Hope tomorrow goes much more smoothly!! Ford has changed so much!! He looks like a little man!

kboan said...

Surely they don't expect everyone to be on time the first day! I won the mom of the year award today, because as I was happily pulling out of ACA at 7:25 having dropped my kids off, I realized I forgot to take their picture on the first day of school. This will be the first year I missed and Jackson is in the seventh grade! Of course, he did have to be there at 6:15 for football practice, and there is no way we could have all been ready for a pic by then! There's always tomorrow!

Kristi said...

Hey, here's to tomorrow. It can't be worse than today!

Robin Taylor Holley said...

These images of you make me laugh!! I love to read them. It sounds like our mornings!! Taylor asks me all day, "Well what about sissy?" Why are you turning this way...this is not the way to get sissy.

Three plus Me said...

Sorry you're morning went crazy. It will surely get better!

The Wilsons in Georgia said...

Honey . . . that was a good story . . . even though it stressed you out! It will remind me one day when I'm stressed that I'm not alone : ) I hope their school year goes well . . . and don't you worry a bit about that school counselor girl! Hope your daughter's toe is better. Your pictures always look so good to me.


Kristen said...

I definitely know about those first day of school blues. I slept through my alarm and woke up at 7:25. Um, I am definitely supposed to be there at 7:30!! BTW, My mom called and said that the Castles and Crowns arrived safely last week and the outfits are too cute. I can't wait to see them!