Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Crushers...

He are my three guys in their Capitol City Crushers uniforms. We played in a tournament in Millbrook this weekend. It was so nice to have a little less humidity! Copeland has a busted lip...poor guy. Copie was chasing Ford around the house(for the first time ever...right...) and Ford slammed the door on Copie's lip. He's a tough guy... We did really well this weekend. Our team is 9 and under, but that age group didn't make so we played in the 10 and under tournament. Boy is there a BIG difference in a year!! We have a great team, we won one, tied one and lost two. But these guys are over a year older that our guys. I'm so proud of them!!!

Hopefully tomorrow I will update with first day of school pics...

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