Tuesday, September 30, 2008

why I love a 2 year old...

At nap time, Ann Welch said,
"mommy, my nose is bumpy, I need a tennis shoe."
translation... "mommy, my nose is stuffy, I need a tissue."

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so ladylike...

Just a few new pics, no big deal except the last one is Copeland for sure!! Copie face, I call it. We had a busy weekend. We traveled to B'ham with travel ball and didn't do so well. You win some, you lose some. That is usually not my motto, but I am learning to try and be less competitive. Copeland had a program Sunday too(we drove back for it) and guess what? I forgot my camera. He did a swell job, though. Christine is coming this weekend and we are really looking forward to that. Stay tuned for pics with all the cousins!

These days, I'm worrying too much! Especially about the economy. The stock market...YIKES. I was like, "David, have you checked on our retirement." I don't want to know!!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

The zoo with Cooper and Judson...

Today we took a trip to the Zoo. The weather was so beautiful. Just as I was complaining about Sept. being my least fav. month of the year(b/c it's so hot), and God surprised us with some Fall temperatures! It was under 60 when we left the house this morning. By the time we left the Zoo it was 83 , but it wasn't humid.

The kids had so much fun together and we spent most of our day on the playground. About an hour ago Ann Welch said,
"mommy, I think Cooper is thinking about me..." Watch out Judson, you have a little competition. We did the usual, the train, the playground, the animals, the food court. Oh yeah, the food court is not "the usual". In fact is it "the FUNK"! We were STARVING by noon so we had no choice. Take my advise, if you are ever at the Montgomery zoo, keep on walkin' past the food court.

Oh, and you know what kind of "luck" I've been having with electronics lately... Well today I dropped my camera and my NEW lens broke. Yup, it did. :-(

Thanks for a fun day, Lara and Carrie...same time same place next week.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

finally...I got my laptop back!!

I am thrilled to finally have my laptop back after 6 weeks...that's a long time!! We had to have everything reloaded onto my computer b/c all was lost. It's like I have a new one now. It's just super nice to have wireless again!!

AW's new thing is deep. She says(and this bothers me A LOT), "mommy if you die, I will say 'OH NO MOMMY COME BACK' and then daddy will take care of me." It's funny, but I hope not prophetic... She also has a lot of questions about God and why we can't see him. She told me she saw him on the "boat ride at Disney World last year". She asked me if when we go to heaven, will we be able to come back to our house. It's amazing that a 2 year understands this somewhat!

AND, (read at your own risk) while she sits on the potty to do, um, #2, she says, "mommy we can't eat our poo poo." Mommy always follows with, "NO honey, we definitely don't eat that." EVERY TIME she goes #2 I get this question. Why? I am putting this on my blog not to gross out all you fellow blog readers, but to remember to tell her this one day.

Ford and Copeland are doing well in school. I think the big Fordster has some secret admirers and that FREAKS me out. I know Copie admires...he'll just tell me, but not Ford. Cope has a "Camp ACA" program on Sunday which I am looking forward to. He is my singer. Ford is playing in Alabaster Sunday so we are going to:
play a game or 2
go to church up there
come back for cope's program
possible go back to alabaster
yes, we are insane.

I am excited b/c Fireproof(google it) is coming out this weekend. I LOVED Facing the Giants and so did the boys. I don't think this one will be one they can see, but I am really looking forward to it!

David is looking forward to the UA/GA game Sat. night. It will be a doozy, I'm sure.

Well, hopefully I can get back to my frequent updates now.


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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Whewwww...it's been a while...

I am STILL w/o my laptop so blogging isn't easy for me these days. It was supposed to be in last week and I haven't heard anything. Nothing too exciting has gone on. The boys came in 2nd in a tournament in Millbrook last weekend. We are so proud of the Crushers!! Boy was it hot too!! I am so ready for Fall weather. I have all these cute clothes for AW that I am ready to put on her and we aren't getting the slightest break from the heat. She is LOVING preschool, the picture of her below is from one day last week. I hope everyone is doing well!! :-)

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Colby took this family pic for me, good job buddy!! :-) He spent the night with us last night and we all went to the Faulkner/Huntington football game. The kids, of course, had a ball there.

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