Friday, November 7, 2008

Alabama vs. Faulkner Basketball game...

Last night we went to Tuscaloosa to see Faulkner play Alabama. We ate at Dreamland before the game and it was YUMMY!! The boys were super excited to find out that Mr. Hilyer had us floor tickets when we got there. After everyone had a $5 drink and $5 popcorn(haha) we stayed late to get autographs. Getting to see Alonzo Gee and Ron Steele was a highlight for our little Alabama fans. Copeland, of course, was there for the food. He's an Auburn fan and proudly wore his Faulkner tee with an Auburn Hoodie on top. He didn't refuse to be in pics though, so maybe there is hope for a conversion!!
We got home at 11:30, so we won't be taking any more school night basketball trips anytime soon!!

AW meeting Big Al....this girl had the BIGGEST smile on her face. She was pretty antsy the whole night, but this made the trip for her!!

Here is AW with Aaron, he's our favorite FU player!!

All the kids with Alonzo Gee... He was a nice guy...a HUGE nice guy.

Ford is pumped...

Ann Welch got to go on the court and cheer with the Alabama "dancers". I have never in my life seen so much make-up on these chicks...Wow...just wow. They were really sweet to AW!!

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Three plus Me said...

How fun! What a memorable time for the kiddos!

Sandy said...

Don't you use picasa for your collages? I've got some pictures in a picasa album but I can't figure out how to do a collage? Can you help??