Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day part 3

Edward, Me, and Christine... I don't think that we've had a pic of the three of us in ten years!! We went(just the three of us) to see Four Christmases last night and it was HILARIOUS. I didn't stop laughing... Edward treated us...what a sweet bro!!

Another rare photo op!!
Ford and AW making Turkeys!!

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southernjoy said...

I cannot WAIT to see that movie! Your family AND the pics are gorgeous!

And... I have a 50mm, f 1.4-16 that I like to use. I prefer to use it around 1.4 or 2, but I notice that even though I *think* the pic is in focus, the actual spot that is the most crisp is always to the lower left of my subject once I view them. It's driving me crazy! This is an old lens. It was my FIL's for an old Nikon film camera, so I can only use it manually. Which is fine, but I'm so busy trying to deal with the focus issue that I get completely annoyed!