Friday, December 26, 2008

even more Christmas...

Christmas is over and we are all still worn out!!  It looks like Santa's gifts this year were a HIT!!  Ann Welch's favs were...her Barbie Jeep, a dollhouse, and an American Girl Bitty Baby carrier(just like the mommies have).  I intercepted the jeep from Santa and decorated it with cute decals with her name and initials.  Ya know. a girl's GOT to have a monogrammed Power Wheels.  

Ford asked for 90% Alabama "stuff" this year.  He got an AL fathead, LOTS of AL clothes and knickknacks, NBA live 09, and the boys got a motorized scooter to share.  

Cope still loves toys...thank goodness.  He loves his Rollerblades, the scooter, Mario Kart for the Wii, electric drums, and his AU fathead and sweatpants.  He hasn't taken the sweatpants off in two days(okay, I did make him last night so I could wash them).

The kids were also blessed with lots of sweet gifts from grandparents, aunts, and uncles!!  Thank you so much!!!  

Cousin Will and AW driving the jeep.  AW drives like a bat out of ....   Seriously.  She will NOT be getting her drivers license at 16.  I'm shooting for 30.  Will doesn't even want to ride with her!
Edward left today :-( but we REALLY enjoyed getting to see him.  He got the boys Star Wars for the Wii and they all loved sitting in the game chairs Mimi and Papaw got them!!
This little angel has stolen all our hearts.  Okay, that is pretty cheesy, but we LOVE him!!!  
My sweet Copie has been sick since Monday.  On Tues. I took him to the doctor.  For those of you who know me, I NEVER take my kids to the doc, unless I think it isn't viral.  When David and I got back from the beach, he had swollen lymph nodes(and I mean swollen).  He was diagnosed with a Sinus Infection, but here we are on day 4 of antibiotics and he still feels badly. He hasn't eaten much in 2 days.  His throat is very sore.  They tested him from strep and that came back neg, but even if they were wrong, the antibiotic should have knocked it out.  He's been so sweet these last few days!!

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Robin Taylor Holley said...

Love the decals on AW's jeep!!! I love the snowman smocked blue outfit, too... very cute!!!