Wednesday, February 11, 2009

good lookin'

I am a total blog slacker, I know.

Today the boys got to exchange Valentine's at school. They also can order their friends/family a sucker called a candy gram. The candy grams were delivered today. Copeland was on cloud nine when he got into the car with his loot. He said, "mom, I am popular and I can tell I'm going to be popular when I get to high school." So, trying to slap some humility into my kid I say, "Is it because you are so nice to everyone?" Ya know...trying to teach the "kindness" thing. "Nope," he says, "It's because I'm so good lookin' and I have great hair." He got several candy grams from girls in his class, and apparently a few "like" him and have given him a big head. This is only first grade, people. I'm afraid I'm in BIG trouble with him....

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