Thursday, November 5, 2009

my "babies"

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Love Being a Nonny said...

What GREAT pictures...especially the last one! LOVE it!

Shelli Allen Photography said...


Christine said...

i still see them as babies :( so sad, but so pretty and handsome! love copies hair! he is so "edward cullen" in this picture. we always do will's hair like that after his bath.

wwwcribbfamily-jill said...

I don't remember how I ran across your blog, but I enjoy following your family. I hope this doesn't seem to stalkerish..I promise, I'm not. I love how to see how you will have Ann Welch dressed, because I am slightly (understatement) obsessed with dressing my daughters too. Your family is beautiful. Have a blessed weekend.
Jill G. Cribb