Sunday, December 27, 2009

I love my family.

I love my family...the whole extended one. We had a blessed Christmas this year. David and I just got back from a "quickie" trip to the beach for our 12th Anniversary. His parents, BLESS THEM, kept the kids so we could have some time together. We went to Sandestin and it was WONDERFUL to have him to myself for 2 days! :-)

My house is totally out of order, but we will remedy that this week. The kids are all thrilled with what Santa left and I'm hoping that will keep them entertained for the week.

We took the boys to see Blind Side last week and it was THE BEST movie. I was worried about the PG 13 rating, b/c we don't usually let them watch anything above PG. In fact, the only other PG 13 movie they've seen was Star Wars. The most frustrating thing about taking them to see a PG 13 movie was the previews. Hello???????????? I almost made David take them out for that part. They had to close their eyes and ears instead.

I am starting South Beach tomorrow! I've GOT to lose 20lbs by March when David and I are running in the Seaside 1/2 Marathon. I am following Jeff Galaway's beginner program. It's been a great experience so far. I have no time goals... I am slow, I just want to finish!!
:-) David, on the other hand, will smoke most people. He ran my 6.5 mile run with me on Christmas Day and I don't think he broke a sweat. It was freezing and windy, though.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Melissa Lester said...

I loved seeing all your photos from Christmas and Disney. Between the two, you have gotten tons of great family pictures! Those are really a treasure.

I'm impressed that you are gearing up for a 1/2 marathon! That is 1/2 more marathon than I'll ever do, girl! I am eager to hear about your training when we get a chance to catch up.