Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow, birthday parties, and injuires

Here are some pics of our fun in the snow and A Dub at her friend Emma's birthday party. It was the CUTEST ballerina party ev-er!!

Ya know how I'm supposed to run in my first 1/2 marathon March 7th in Seaside? Well, I'm not going to get to. I am so down about this!! I trained for 3 months and then injured my IT Band in my leg. I cannot run. It makes me sick. I really fell like God is teaching me a lesson in pride. I could walk the thing. :-) David and my good friend Keri are running in it, so I could just cheer them on!! :-) I will have to shoot for one to train for in the Fall. I can't run outside in the Summer humidity. I'm just a wimp like that.

The boys are finished with Y Basketball and we are heading full speed into baseball. Anyone else fell like their lives revolve around sports??? I cannot imagine what it will be like with AW starts softball in a few years.

I need a new camera. Mine isn't taking good pics anymore. I need to learn Photoshop too, is it too late for New Year's Resolutions??? :-)

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Erika said...

If you can walk it safely, I say do it! Finishing a half marathon, walking or running, is a great high! And you get a shiny medal. :)