Friday, March 12, 2010

Seaside 1/2 Marathon

As of Sat. evening(the race was Sunday morning), I wasn't planning to run. During dinner at Cafe 30A, I was convinced by everyone at the table that I should go for it.

I was unable to train for 5 weeks prior to the event due to an injury. The big IT Band Syndrome. It's very common and the most aggravating thing that's ever happened to me. The IT band is a tendon that attaches at the knee and goes to you hip. I'd been able to run once per week for about 3 miles each time. My longest run before this was 8 miles. I knew I was going to have to walk some during the 13.1, but I decided to go for it.

I really didn't sleep the night before. I prayed all night. We ended up having to take AW because she got sick and Lee(the husband of my friend Keri) offered to keep her during the run. We got up about 4:30, got ready, and headed to catch the trolley in Watercolor. I was SO nervous! When we got to the race site, everyone was lined up to use the Port-a-let. Let me just say...don't look down if you every have to use one of those suckers. I was gagging on the way out the door.

When the race was about to begin, I snuck to the back. The beginning was surreal. The first three miles were SO exciting!! I loved running with everyone around me. I was running by myself, but saw several friends along the way and that was a pick-me-up. I ran most of the first 6.5 miles and at the half way mark, I was feeling good. I ended up probably walking about 3 miles of the second half, but that was fine with me. My IT Band didn't bother me much, and that was truly answered prayer. My time wasn't something to brag about, but I finished! My sweet friend Keri ran the last block with me...I love her!!

David finished with a time of 1:43. He rocked!!! He finished in the top 7% out of 2000 people!!

After the race, we got our Vera Bradley bags, finishers medal, and free Jim and Nicks. Then, we hung out in the square and listened to the band. Before we headed home, we enjoyed the beach for a while. We were all pretty sore and I've had a fair amount of pain all week from my IT band. It was totally worth it, though! Next year, we want to do it again and bring the boys to run in the 5K.

This is us right after the race.
David, Keri and I with our finisher's medals.
Vera Bradley bag for finishing and the dri fit race tee...
Before the race waiting on the trolley. It was freezing then, but it warmed up during the run. :-)

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Kristi said...

Congratulations! That is a fine accomplishment!

The Adventures of Baby Bond said...

That is wonderful!!!! Way to go!!

The Parker Family said...

Congratulations! Way to go, Allison. That is amazing that you were able to do after your injury. Beware: running half marathons can be addictive! Ha, Ha! We love it. The Seaside race sounds super fun. Maybe we will look into doing it one year. You and David should come run the Country Music half marathon. It is a great race with lots of excitement, energy and crowd support on the course. Once again, you should be very proud of what you accomplished!