Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 6...downtown Omaha...

Today, we didn't have games until 4:30, so we took off in search of the pretty part of Omaha. I'll tell ya, I didn't believe there was one...a pretty part. Most of Omaha is down right ugly. The farm lands surrounding the city are beautiful. The city itself is industrial and dirty. We'd been told that the awesome slides in the middle of downtown were a MUST DO...and they were. The other advice we were given, was to buy some parchment paper to stick under our tails to make us go faster. The kids(and adults) took up about an hour on the slides. Fun times. David got airborne a few times, it was fun-ny!!

Next, we went to eat at a place called Spaghetti Works. LOVED it!! The balloon lady visited our table and made balloons for the kids. "No charge," she said, "just tips." HA!

The boys played two games today and are 2-1 for the week so far. We play 3 games tomorrow so Ford is spending the night with us in the hotel so he can get a good night's sleep. I can't share some of the tales he's passed along on my blog, b/c the potty humor would offend the relatives. :-)

The A Dubber was MUCH better today. Maybe b/c she got to sleep until almost 9am??? Copeland continues to shock us with his silliness, but we love him anyway. :-)

David has been a trooper and held his tongue like the Bible tells us to. I, on the other hand, crawled down a man's back yesterday for lighting a cig next to my kids AND cutting in line. Cranky, perhaps??? David did have my back, though. :-)

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