Monday, June 21, 2010

Ohama day 4...Rosenblatt....Opening ceremonies...more frogs...

Sister has been difficult today. She apparently thinks she can call the shots. David and I are trying to convince her differently.

Today was a scorcher. I learned two things...
1. Don't wear jeans on hot days...duh...
2. Don't wear cute Volatile flip flops with a huge wedge heel on days where LOTS of walking is required.
3. Did I say two things? I lied.
4. My husband, whom I love very much, parks AS FAR away from our destination as possible.
5. My worst feature is my hair.
6. Ann Welch is going to drive me insane before this trip is over.
7. Frogs can entertain a child for hours.
8. There are rednecks in Omaha too.
9. My husband does a mean load of laundry.
10. My children like dirt more than most kids.

Today was SUPER busy. I am hot, tired, my feet hurt, my jeans are stuck to my body, and I need a shower and a bed. I am blogging first. Sacrifice. We went to the Omaha Zoo today. It is amazing. It reminded me of Disney World. It is HUGE and very hilly!! The aquarium was my favorite...specifically the penguins.

After the zoo, we walked around Rosenblatt Stadium where the College World Series is being played. The city is about to tear down Rosenblatt and build a bigger and "better" stadium. I think that is sad. There were one million vendors selling all kinds of baseball goodies. We spent too much money there. After that, we had Opening Ceremonies at the Village where our boys are playing baseball this week. Our first game is in the morning!
The girl has a new love. Frogs.
Someday my prince will come.
dirty sister...

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Lara said...

I guess she did not actually kiss the frog, since Judson is still here in Prattville.ha ha! Glad your putting updates on your blog! Y'all have fun!