Friday, June 25, 2010

A win, a CWS game, and a little shopping...

Today AW and I slept until 10:15. I haven't slept that late since college. She hasn't EVER slept that late. It felt good!! :-)

After we got going, David graciously allowed me to find an Ann Taylor Loft since everything in the store was 40% off. I LOVE ATL!! I got a few things and then AW and I went into a shoe store to get her some new Crocs. When we left Montgomery, we had a hard time finding her shoes. We only brought flip flops and she now has a blister in between her toes. What SHE wanted to buy was SO different than what mommy wanted to buy. After a fit over Dora and Hello Kitty light up shoes, we finally made it back to the car with some pink Crocs. Easy peasy. Not really.

The Dirtbags played their first game in the single elimination part of the tourney today. They won 11-4 so we get to advance to the second round. It was a great game. Ford's buddy Grayson hit a two run homer over the fence!

After their game, we took off to Roseblatt for another College World Series game. South Carolina vs. Clemson. We stood in line, in the heat...again. Once we were seated, the weather cooled off a bit and we were able to enjoy the game. I forgot to mention what happened at the last CWS game we attended. Copeland thought he could just hop over a huge fence to retrieve a home run ball. A cop saw him and threatened to kick him out of the game! Can you imagine my 9 year old getting escorted out of a baseball game?? Thank goodness he was nice about it. We will probably be heading back to Montgomery sometime tomorrow. I'm not sure where we will stop and spend the night, but we will begin the trip home after our last game. Hopefully, we will play 3 tomorrow and win it all!! Go Dirtbags!!

In line at Rosenblatt line at Rosenblatt.
searching for tadpoles...

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