Friday, July 2, 2010

End of the trip of a lifetime...

Sorry it's taken me so long to close out my trip diary. It's been a crazy week! Ford's team ended up coming in 3rd overall with a 6-3 record. We were really proud of them! We left Omaha about 5:45 Saturday afternoon. We drove all the way to Nashville(11 hours) and got to my sister's at 4:30am. David drove the whole way(BY CHOICE). I tried to get him to let me drive. I never went to sleep b/c I was afraid he would get tired and not tell me. We slept at Christine and Len's for about 4 hours, added a kid to the mix(Will), and headed back to Montgomery. Overall, it was a great trip! Omaha is a neat town to visit if you ever have the chance. I did NOT enjoy the car ride! :-)
The whole Dirtbags fam...
Next to our field location, there was an air force base. Planes took off all day long. I love to watch planes!!

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