Friday, August 27, 2010

Beach food...

Last night we drove to Foley to eat at Lambert's. If you haven't had the opportunity to eat there, you are missing out. The highlight of the eating experience is the fact that they have a little man rolling around a cart of fresh, hot rolls. That's not the best part, though. Just raise your hand up in the air and Mr. Roll Man chunks one at you. People are diving all over the restaurant, seriously. For a baseball family, this is rip roaring fun. I'm not sure why we even ordered food. None of us were hungry by the time the food came, we ate too many thrown rolls. My boys idolized the roll thrower, wishing that someday if they have a Summer job, they too could be a roll thrower. Ambitious children, they are.

We had David back today. :-) Too bad the weather was rainy and windy. :-( About 4:30, after a day of indoor pool swimming(not always the funnest), Disney channel, and Club Penguin, we headed to Tacky Jacks for dinner. Hmmmm, lots of fried food. It was okay. The service was good, but when we got our bill, I realized I forgot to ask the waitress a very important question. "Do the kids meals come with a drink?" Well, at TJ they don't...and they are 2 bucks each. Thataway to jack up the bill quickly. David and the kids ate Alligator bites for an appetizer...none for me, thanks. As you can see from the pics below, my children ALWAYS have good manners while eating. We never put french fries in our mouths like Walrus' tusks and we especially never tear crackers open with our teeth. Can you imagine???

Finally, we headed back to the condo to TAKE BEACH PICTURES. The highlight of the trip for me...haha!! I think Jackson was thanking his lucky stars he didn't have to dress up. I gave him the option, but couldn't quite convince him that it would make his mom's whole week... :-) I snapped a few anyway and WOW, that boys is so photogenic!!

<span class=tjcopejack">

<span class=tjkids">

<span class=momandkids">

<span class=tjford">

<span class=foodkids">

Mama forgot to pack extra ponytail holders so we are *GASP* without a bow. :-)
<span class=awtj">

A little bit of swimming on this yucky day.
<span class=cjump">

<span class=beachpicskids6">

<span class=beachpicskids4">

<span class=beachpicskids3">

This picture makes me want to pray more fervently that my boys will treat each other better. It is hard to see them fight...hourly.
<span class=beachpicfordandcope">

<span class=beachpicskids2">

<span class=beachpicskids1">

<span class=beachpicaw3">

I can't seem NOT to blow out my whites. :-(
<span class=beachpicaw2">

My goodness, the eyes on this sweet boy!!! LOVE him! We have really enjoyed having him with us this week. He is a good buffer b/w the boys.
<span class=beachpicsjack2">

<span class=beachpicsjack1">

<span class=beachpicscope1">

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<span class=beachpicford1">

<span class=beachpicsaw2">

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bobbittblessings said...

Hi Allison! My name is Bobi Bobbitt and I live in the VERY small southern town of Edenton, NC! I stumbled upon your blog tonight while on bestyandtheboys. I met Betsy at an adoption conference last month in TN! I loved all your pics of your precious kids! I have three boys, ages 10, 6, and 2. And it seems we have SO much in common! My husband also coaches my son's bball team and alot of the things you said about yourself in the 100 things about you sounded just like me! I am working on starting a blog, hope to have it up next week! Take Care! Would love to chat sometime! Bobi (:

The Wilsons in Georgia said...

Love the pictures of your kids holding hands on the beach. Especially the one where AW is looking up at one of her brothers . . . precious! She will have some great protectors for brothers as she grows up.

Hope you are doing well.