Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's time to update the ole blog...

I just got Photoshop CS5. I am so excited!! It's verrrry intimidating, though. It might be 2015 before I know how to use it. I was also super pumped about getting to use Pioneer Woman's actions. Wahoo!! I'm cheating, I know, but I am telling myself that it is helping
me learn...a little at a time. :-)

We have a small reprieve from baseball and that has been nice. Last weekend we traveled to North Alabama for the funeral of my precious Papa Jack. He was a wonderful man who always
made me feel good about myself and my children. I will miss him very much. We got to see all our extended family too! I forgot my camera...what an idiot! :-(

School starts back next week. I am sort of excited. Does that make me a bad mom? I am ready to get back on my schedule. I haven't done well with working out this Summer. During the school year, my routine is to drop the children off at school and go to the Y. I am going to miss going to the pool and watching my kids play outside with their buddies. But, most of all,
I'm going to miss sleeping until 8-8:30. PURE BLISS!!!

I need to get around to updating my 100 things about me. After re-reading them(two and a half
years later), I'm pretty embarrassed I wrote some of that stuff.

Here are a few pics from the last month...

Hmmm...not sure I'm liking this conversion.
We made 50 bucks having a fruit punch lemonade stand. It was only 108 degree heat index. No biggie that I almost had a heat stroke out there. Lake hair...

My first experience in photoshopping eyes and I overdid it. Oh well, live and learn.
I do love this conversion. Thanks PW!! :-)

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