Friday, August 6, 2010

"mom, I'm 40% ready to go back to school."

We had processing today at school. Ford is going into 5th grade, and Copeland, 3rd. Both have wonderful Christian teachers! Ford gets a locker this year, so YOU KNOW he is practically a teenager. I can't take it! He's not even 11 yet, but he acts like one(a teenager) attitude and smarty pantsness.

As you can see in the pic below, my Cope now has a retainer. A Swartz to be exact. Hopefully, this mucho expensive appliance will add a little more room in his mouth for teeth to come in.

I am still experimenting with photo shop and feeling like a big dummy every second. I think I've now learned how to use about 6% of what it offers. Seriously. I'm still working with my dinosaur camera. I know a new camera would provide better pics, but with braces, school tuition, baseball, etc, we just can't afford that right now. I finally figured out how to make my pics a little bigger. There has to be an easier way, though.

A dub starts school later in the month. She is starting gymnastics next week. We(She) decided to stop dance and go the gymnastics route which is fine with me! :-)


Christine said...

Precious pics!

Rebecca said...

Just had to share. I have Photoshop Elements and was thrilled when Pioneer Woman had on her blog yesterday step by step instructions for Elements. I downloaded her actions last night and love them. So far I know how to do a few things in elements but that is only because I have found another website that has told me how to do them. I think it takes time. I wish I had a whole week to figure it out. Your pictures look great!!!