Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Would you rather???

So....ewwww... have you ever played, "Would you rather?" with your kids? We took off on a drive around the beach tonight and we needed a car game. Well, wouldn't you know, someone started this nas-tay game. I'm going to write about the "tame" questions b/c old people read my blog too. ;-)

...."Would you rather walk barefoot in throw up or eat cow poop?"
...."Would you rather get eaten by sharks or be thrown into a pool of vipers?"
I prefer, "Would you rather stop at Nancy's Italian Ice or get a Chick-fil-a milk shake?"

We've had a pretty fun day. It started off with a 45 minute mornin trip to the Verizon store. My phone died. Luckily, I was due for an upgrade. Then, we stopped at Target for food and one of those beach-side-air-brush-tee-shirt-stores for floats. DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS RUN AROUND unsupervised in one of these places. I found Cope, Jackson, and Ford pushing some button that repeated phrases I wasn't ready to explain. Fantastic. See, Lara, I DO need you down here!! :-)

A Dub got stung by a bee at the pool. She cried a little about that and a lot about other things. We are missing our daddy! It's strange being the mommy and daddy at the beach. I mean, what 34 year old woman doesn't LOVE riding the waves for hours?? I usually get to lay out and read my book. Guess how much of my book I read today?? 5 pages, yup. The waves were monsters today, so I had to keep a hand on AW.

Tonight, we went to ride bumper boats and go carts. Tonight, we were ripped off. Uh, 33 bucks for each of the kids to ride 2 things for 3ish minutes. They love it, though....and it made their whole week. I could ask my kids, "Would you rather have 10 million dollars or ride go carts and bumper boats?" Guess which one they would pick??? ;-)

So, now I'm up and sweet Jackson(who is playing brick breakers on my phone) is up...all three of my kids are conked out. David is still at the other hotel preparing for their Arbitration tomorrow. We will have him back Friday and Saturday!!

BTW, Flickr SURE IS SLOW TONIGHT!! I'm trying to upload all these pics and it is taking forever!!! Okay, so it's not just slooooow, it's not uploading the rest of my pics. More tomorrow!

Jackson giving a little cannon ball...
After the bumper boats pose ;-)


All ready!!

Building a wall...




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Lara said...

Ok, so I can't wait to hear from you what exactly the boys were playing with! Never a dull moment,:) I so wish I was there with y'all! I'm enjoying the pics!! Thanks!