Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 Novembers...

My precious baby girl was born 5 years ago today. What a wonderful blessing she has been in our lives! We decided not to do birthday parties for any of the kids this year. Sooo, when she asked for a Nintendo DSi, we decided to get one for her. Not paying for a B'day party gets you a better present...haha! We did have our own little party at home with cookie cake and candles from around the house. (kinda forgot to buy birthday candles...I'm mom of the year.) I also took Krispy Kreme to her class at school and those kids can put away some donuts!! After picking up her cake, Copeland dropped a pumpkin on it. Story of my life...doesn't he know he can't smush the cake before I get a picture of it? C'mon!! :-)
Here are some Birthday girl pics...

storyboard 1





Don't judge my candles, now!





The Cribb Family said...

Happy Birthday to AW! Love the candles...I think it was a great idea! Love that turkey shirt too- I have it for my youngest daughter. Your photography looks great! What lense do you use?

Julie Owen said...

I love the saonce (sp?) birthday! LMBO...totally looks like something I would do. Mom of the year? Please...I promise you this will be a birthday remembered and talked about. Remember that year mom drug out those huge candles for AW? :)

Erika said...

The candles are actually pretty awesome!