Thursday, January 27, 2011

Project 354...Day 26..."That's the biggest bow I've ever seen."

I'm not going to apologize for being a bow mom. I like em. Bows are personal. Some people prefer a la naturale when it comes to hair and THAT IS TOTALLY OKAY. I like that look too. :-)

As she gets older, we are slowly progressing to braids, piggies, clippies, and ruffle ribbon. HOWEVER, graduation from bows hopefully isn't right around the corner. I'm not ready to give them up. Headbands are in our near future and my daughter is psyched.

A dub wears the mack daddy of big bows. The super-southern-might-help-her-be-identified-on-a-deserted-island-bow.

Conversation today:

Person, "Why, that's the biggest bow I've ever seen!"

Me, being a little offended b/c it obviously was not a compliment, wanted to say, "save your breath, no one wants to smell it." But, my mamma taught me better, so I politely smiled and bit my tongue.

This little collage of pictures is posted in picture-flesh to show you that my daugher can play in bows. She can frolic until her heart is content with her huge bow clipped to her head.

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Love Being A Nonny said...

You won't see our girls without their bows! We are southern through and through when it comes to that! LOVE her bows!

Lara said...

that's funny! today I had a person tell me how adorable my little girl is.... I said yes, "he" is adorable. The person then made it worse by saying, yeah that haircut is cute on girls and boys. REALLY???

Jenny said...

Love the bows. Elle is hit or miss with leaving hers in, and if she's with Brandon when she pulls it out you can forget him putting it back in :)

Nancy said...

I'm glad to see Jenny left a comment as I know Miss Elle would be in bows all the time if her mother had her way ;) and when she gets older, she'll be a real girly girl just like your sweet one.