Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project 365...Day 16...Buh bye PCB...

Playing catch up here...again. :-) Day 16 documents a small bit of our last day at the beach. :-( Lara stocked the fridge with Izze. When I wasn't partaking of Diet Coke, I settled on this. Isn't it cute? ;-)

Before we left Monday morning, I forced the girls to the porch for one more picture(s). They were thrilled. Keri "my beautiful/humble/friend for life" had to leave the day before so she missed the last beach pic. After that fun-ness, we packed up the car and headed for the Sandestin outlets. Since I don't really have any money to spend right now, I just drooled all over the clothing at the J. Crew outlet.

Nia, resident Queso dip expert, suggested our last meal together be of the Mexican food variety. Did you know Sandestin doesn't have a non-gourmet Mexican restaurant? I had given my GPS to Keri the day before, so we relied on Melissa's phone GPS which really liked hole-in-the-wall graffiti-windowed places. It took us to 4. Finally, an hour later, we settled on a place in Defuniak Springs. Queso, here we come.

We enjoyed the meal, the company even more, and set off for Montgomery...or so I thought. I am NOT good with directions. Instead of heading North...I drove South...for 25 minutes...until Melissa "the smart one/fellow appreciator of footless leggings" noticed we were going the wrong way. I am cool. No biggie that I took us 45 min out of the way.

Thank goodness Jamie, "the singer/chick with a tendency to get carsick" sang with me the whole way home to keep me awake. Lara, "the hand model/fellow appreciator of romance novels" and Nia, "the queso dip expert/fellow appreciator of romance novels" sat in the back and made fun of us. They are just jealous. Carrie, "the perfect body and hair/super cute dresser" told me at one point, "I can't take this anymore....did I just say that out loud?" :-) Carrie would never hurt a fly, so I know she didn't mean to attack my song choices.

I LOVE these girls. I have NEVER laughed as hard as I did this weekend. Not once did anyone bicker, gossip, steal money, or refuse to share candy. I mean, what more could a girl ask for when choosing her friends?

This was our 4th trip together and we hope to still be going when we're 50.


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