Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Project 365...Day 18...The Thrill of the Hunt...

What have my husband and two young sons been doing lately, you ask?? Hunting. Deer hunting.

Do I like my guys dressed in camo, entering the woods with guns...searching for Bambi? Nope.

Do they live to hunt? Yup.

Is it a man thing? Yup.

Have I been checking them out of school before chapel at least two times a week to go? Yup.

Is this picture good? Nope.

Did they want to take the picture? Nope

Did I care? Nope.

I sent Ford with my phone b/c he is sitting in a stand by himself today(with no don't freak). He needed to be able to text his dad. I had to erase all the sappy texts David has sent me in the past few weeks so he wouldn't read them and think his mom and dad like each other. :-) Ewww.

Ford killed a 10 point about a month ago and you would have thought the child met Dustin Pedroia.

Daddy/son bonding. It's essential. :-)


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Erika said...

Wow, a 10-pt. That's impressive.